Who We are

Mission and Vision

  • To provide a sound education using a biblical framework to generations of young people, so that they are motivated by purpose and empowered to fulfill their personal destiny
  • To develop well-educated citizens of knowledge, understanding, character and wisdom who will positively impact every sphere of society.
  • To form links with parents and the wider society to create synergy for national transformation and global impact
  • To express the values of the Kingdom of God through modern and effective educational practices thus causing the national lifestyle to be more closely aligned to God's eternal plan.

Community Based Approach

NorthGate School is a Community Based School that functions under the leadership of Life Reformation Centre, a Kingdom Community based in Nairobi, Kenya. Thus, NGS draws patterns and operational values from the LRC Community.

The Community functionality is likened to the human body. Many principles can be drawn out but a key one is that each part is valuable and the body is incomplete without the input of each part. In Community life we are not interested in superstars and individual heroes. The people are responsible for building each other.

Drivers of Community life:-

  • Giving up of self-focus where your world revolves around your needs and personal desires.
  • Reduction of our own personal space in order to include others.
  • Value for others, and putting the needs of those around us above our own for the greater good of the whole.
  • Our skills, abilities & competencies are designed to be utilized and developed for the building of community empowering activity not for the glory of an individual, which in our case is the school.
  • It is the community that builds the School.
  • Despite the great grace, gifting, favour, given to our leaders, few teachers and our children, the successful building of the school is only established when all the community members become empowered and the people themselves begin to build the school.

NGS is built like a city with interlocking systems that touch each other.

The NGS Community is comprised of students, parents & teachers all of whom are members of Kingdom Communities that form the Kingdom Community Network of Congress WBN

The students from the community have a strong and cooperative relationship with their parents/guardians. Parents are urged and called upon to participate, own and involve themselves in the NGS process. This takes the form of supporting the values of the school within the home, enforcing kingdom culture, sharing with the student body practical aspects of work life, monetary or any other donations.

Developmental meetings for parents and teachers are part of the continuous NGS process.

The teaching community is composed of the permanent teachers involved in the school and also Professionals who have volunteered themselves, their time and resources for the building of the students during their free times from their work place. The teaching community have strong collaborative relationship with each other to ensure the topics and subjects to be taught are discussed. This takes the form of supporting the values to be emphasized in a given topic, enforcing the kingdom culture, sharing with the students in a class practical aspects in a given topic, further research on subjects and also resources as well as skills contribution in delivery of a given subject.

Beyond the involvement of parents/guardians and the teachers, NGS also draws on the expertise and participation of the wider community.