A Joyous Sound Emanates From NorthGate, Nairobi As Steve Aleong visits

It was all excitement as Steve Aleong, a member of the Core Leadership Council of the Congress WBN, visited NorthGate School in Kenya, 50 Kilometers east of Nairobi City on September 22nd, 2016. This visit had special significance especially coming immediately after the KCN Coordinators gathering in Dubai. In earnest the students and teachers received Steve Aleong, accompanied by Walid Salah from Egypt. The East Africa Regional coordinator, Joseph Njoroge, toured the team round the school after which they planted a tree in commemoration of the visit.
By sharing from his life, Steve Aleong emphasized the beauty of walking faithfully with God for a long time. This he did as he pointed the students to their inheritance found in their Congress fathers. There was a clear divine affirmation that the establishment of NorthGate School was indeed an intent of God, to raise a generation that is a true inheritor of the purposes of God.
A joyous mood engulfed the school as Steve Aleong declared, “... we have a seed, we have a dream and we have a God who follows His word to perform it ...”. This declaration became a portal through which the students saw the possibility of actualizing that which has been declared. There was a
thunderous declaration from the students as they declared in unison “... Yes we can, Yes we can…” and there was no doubt that that NorthGate School is in the mind of God.
It was a day well spent with one of our leaders in Congress. As the school fraternity, we appreciated Steve's visit and God's affirmation in our hearts.