The school was officially opened by the president and founder of Congress WBN on 15th February 2016.
The air in the school was filled with delight and jubilation as everyone, young and old boomed with great shouts of joy, the things we beheld a far off were becoming a reality right in front of our eyes. This is one day that will go into the journals of NorthGate Schools. The faces of the attendants beamed with unspoken joy, and they exchanged satisfied glances that said, “finally we have raised a flag on this mountain top”. A midst angelic worship, Dr. Noel Woodroffe, made declarations upon the students and the future of the school. Inside these walls, the purposes of God will be birthed.
He later planted a tree to mark this very special occasion. As the tree is watered and grows into a mighty tree, a home for birds, so does NGS, the Ark, the Sanctuary and the great prophetic encampment become the breeding ground of men and women after God’s heart.